·FIME,Orlando USA,8-10 Aug. 2017
·MEDICA 2017 Dusseldorf Germany
·MDM WEST 2018, Anaheim USA,6th-
·Medical Fair Thailand 2017, Ban
·Hospitalar 2015,Brazil, 19th-22
·MDM WEST 2015, Anaheim, CA,USA,
·Arab Health 2015, Dubai, 26th ~
·FIME Miami 2013
·Medica Dusseldorf 2012
·CMEF Shenzhen 2012
Contact: Joanne Zhang
Cellphone: 86 13823700608
Tel: 86 755-84532326  86 755-28957567
Fax: 86 755-22635989

About Us

Sunny Medical is the leading contract supplier of medical devices in China, including plastic injection molding and assembly, packaging, and ETO sterilization;

ISO13485 and CE 0029 standard is applied to all the production procedures;

Diagnostic Guide Wire is FDA510K certified.

All extrusion, mold injection, assembly and packing are in either Class 10,000 or Class 100,000 clean room;

Sterile test, positive reference and microbial test are in Class 10,000 clean room;

Sunny Medical offers OEM, ODM and customized medical devices to worldwide customers, specializing in cardiology and radiology interventional products:

    ♦Balloon Inflation Device

    ♦Y Hemostasis Valve Kit (Angioplasty Pack)

    ♦Manifold & Stopcock                                                                                                          

    ♦Guide Wire

    ♦Control Syringe

    ♦Pressure Line

    ♦Angiographic Needle

    TR Closure band 

    ♦ Angio Closure Pad

    ♦ Haparin Cap

    ♦Tower/Sheet Clip

     Stopper for Guiding Catheter

Note: Some products are not for sale in U.S.A. and Europe.



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