• REF. NO.: SM-ID-M2030SP13-TB
  • Model :M-type
  • Volume :20ml
  • Pressure :30atm
  • With Stopcock :no
  • Type of Y Connector Kit :Series of Push-pull Y Connector Kit
  • Package :Tyvek-plastic Blister
  • REF. NO.: SM-ID-M2030SP13-TB-Description



    1. M type, 20ml, 30atm/bar, with stopcock, P13 Y connector kit, sterile, in tyvek-plastic blister

    2. Spiral design ensures precise pressure

    3. Overpressure protective device provides safer pressure control.

    4. Release handle makes instant and easy inflation and deflation

    5. 25ml, 30 ATM/bar inflation device is also accessible.

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